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Hairy ball drainer gets his gonads pumping

Gay Adult sex Galleries Hairy ball drainer gets his gonads pumping.

Liz and Lee sat on the beach by the house they shared in a tiny, wealthy town on Cape Cod, both divorced and sharing a love for the ocean and each other — in ways most unusual.

Liz was the kid sister, at 62, a willowy silver-blonde haired beauty, tall and lean, with a remarkably athletic, sinewy body. Lee at 65, was stunningly opposite, shorter, thicker in the waist, legs and butt, packing an amazing, fleshy pair of tits. She was darkly tanned, with jet-black shoulder-length hair, and wore a sinfully tight blue one-piece bathing suit, cut high on her rugged, muscular old thighs, where Liz wore a skimpy two-piece yellow suit.

Both exposed to a delicious degree the eye-catching firmness of those technically elderly bodies. They sat, chatting, Hairy ball drainer gets his gonads pumping they noticed a teenage boy, about 19 or so, take a spot near them, alone, spreading his towel this later afternoon on a weekday when the beach was sparsely populated.

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He was damn cute, a shag of curly blonde hair on his head, they thought, especially when he peeled off his clothes down to a Speedo, his chest angular and smooth, legs long and lean and the biggest package between them. He came out moments later and lay on his towel about 20 feet away, feet toward them and slightly spread.

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The suit clung to his dick, which looked about six inches soft, impressive enough, but it was his balls outlined in the dark fabric that really oiled their wheels.

A LOT of that! Liz walked over to the sleeping boy, not waking him until she got a close-up look at those prodigious balls that filled the tiny suit around and below that impressive, meaty cock, which she swore was getting bigger. She licked her lips and looked back at her smiling sister who was urging her on. The boy startled awake, looking up Liz's long, tanned and firm legs to her smiling, pretty face.

He fingered his cell secretly, pointing at Liz, snapping photos.

He'd always had a thing for older women, and this was the oldest yet that made his dick stir. The women turned to the ocean to look out over it, both asses and those gorgeous, different legs just feet from him.

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He clicked madly away, thinking he'd look at them later just prior to fucking his girlfriend all night long. The women ran a stretch down the beach, Lee filling her in on Bobby's photography. Would you mind terribly giving us a hand? He was to meet Becky around 7: No way that could happen, he figured. He tried, awkwardly, and did manage to hit video, recording those legs and asses before him. His cock stirred in his trunks, which he hoped wouldn't give him away. They stepped inside the big house, Bobby putting his gear down.

The sexy sisters stood before him, arms folded sternly Hairy ball drainer gets his gonads pumping over their chests. Always wanted one of those, just want to look at it.

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