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Backstage access

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A backstage pass is an employee pass which allows its bearer access to employees-only areas at a performance venue. They are most commonly associated with rock music groups.

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Such passes are usually a laminated paper worn Backstage access a lanyard, or on chain link or key chain holder at the belt, or a simpler "stick-on" applied to one's clothing.

Plastic or paper wristbands may also be used.

To deter counterfeiting, passes often include holograms or color-shifting properties. At any one concert or event there are about to backstage passes available. Again, mainly these are for the performers, stage crews, roadies, security guards, performer's agents. Sometimes relatives or close friends of performers, stage crew, promoters, etc. Backstage access

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a...

Some venues including the House of Blues venues and Irving Plaza in New Backstage access require their own passes to be worn, even by laminate holders for the tour. Large music festivals, such as Ozzfest and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival also usually issue their own passes. Backstage passes sometimes become memorabilia sold to die-hard fans, especially when the pass is signed by a performer.

In media, the term "Backstage Pass" may be used to signify the presence of expanded coverage of certain musical groups.

When PERRi folded, the current leading printer of backstage passes emerged: Reno has become the largest source Backstage access backstage pass printing. Otto is still printing passes and is the oldest printer of backstage passes.


While currently Reno and Otto Printing produce the largest amount of back stage passes, there are many companies looking to surpass them in it. There are some ways to get backstage Backstage access.

One way is to get employed for the venue. Some backstage passes are given as prizes by official fan clubs.

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